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Facebook crisis grows as new whistleblower and leaked documents emerge | Facebook

Share via Email Facebook faced mounting pressure on Friday after a new whistleblower accused it of knowingly hosting hate speech and illegal activity, even...

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Do Facebook Algorithms Promote Hate and Drive Toxic Content?

Facebook Algorithms- Whistleblower Frances Haugen’s evidence shows Facebook knew its algorithms promote dangerous content

Facebook whistleblower releases documents to multiple news outlets showing company knows the harm it causes

Facebook was hit with reports from multiple news outlets based on documents provided by Frances Haugen, a former employee and whistleblower.

Facebook Shouldn’t Be All About the Metaverse Right Now

It needs to focus on cleaning up its existing sites rather than building a new one with more of the same problems.

Facebook doesn’t care about you: Tech giant always chooses profits over people

When it debuted on the internet in 2004, Facebook seemed like a revolutionary innovation. A way for millions of people to engage with one...

Facebook whistleblowers agree Facebook is too focused on profit

Speaking to Insider, Sophie Zhang said although she and Frances Haugen saw completely different sides of Facebook, Haugen's testimony felt familiar.

Facebook claims its AI reduced hate by 50% despite internal documents highlighting failures

Damning reports about the ineffectiveness of Facebook’s AI in countering hate speech prompted the firm to publish a post to the contrary, but the...

Time to unfriend Facebook may be nearing

Haugen said the company puts profit ahead of the public good Facebook has realized that if they change the algorithm to be safer, people...

Facebook's AI is removing just TWO PER CENT of hate speech posts

The problem is that we do not and possibly never will have a model that captures even a majority of integrity harms, particularly in...

Another Facebook Whistleblower Just Testified in British Parliament. Here’s What to Know About Her Allegations

Zhang discovered a loophole in company rules which allows political actors to online discourse

I Used Facebook Without the Algorithm, and You Can Too

Making your News Feed chronological is an enlightening look at what's really happening on the platform.

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There are a lots of Deep Learning Algorithms that are used, but what are some of the best? Let’s take a look!!

Twitter’s own research shows that it’s a megaphone for the right. But it’s complicated.

Twitter shared its own research today that showed its algorithms amplify right-leaning political content more than left-leaning.

Well Log Data Outlier Detection With Machine Learning and Python

Identification of outliers is an essential step in the petrophysical machine learning workflow

EETimes - BrainChip Launches Event-Domain AI Inference Dev Kits

BrainChip converts CNNs to spiking networks to reduce power and enable on-chip learning at the edge.

GitHub - apple/ml-cvnets: CVNets: A library for training computer vision networks

CVNets: A library for training computer vision networks- GitHub- apple/ml-cvnets: CVNets: A library for training computer vision networks

100 Crore Vaccine in India: 100 crore shots in the arm; India's milestone in Covid vaccination | India News - Times of India

India News: India achieved a major milestone in its battle against Covid-19 as cumulative vaccinations in the country crossed the 100 crore mark on...

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Chomba Bupe's answer: Once upon a time, my maths skills were below par. What I did was to rethink my strategy, I have a...

Algorithms are biased. This tool shows kids just how dangerous they can be

The Most Likely Machine, created by design studio Artefact, aims to improve kids’ digital literacy. It’s a winner in the 2021 Innovation by Design...

Mapping the NFT revolution: market trends, trade networks, and visual features - Scientific Reports

A visual representation of the trader network including the Art category on February 2021 shows the clusters formed by NFT traders specialized in the...

New Senate bill would take steps to protect AI-collected data

A new bipartisan Senate bill introduced Thursday is aiming to secure data collected by artificial intelligence technologies, such as facial recognition technologies, as these...

Türk Telekom invests in 4 artificial intelligence-based startups

TT Ventures, the corporate venture capital company of Türk Telekom, aims to use its investments to help grow and strengthen the Turkish venture ecosystem,...