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I will start my MS in Machine Learning in 4 months, but my math skills are below par. How should I go about building the prerequisite mat...

Chomba Bupe's answer: Once upon a time, my maths skills were below par. What I did was to rethink my strategy, I have a...

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Twitter admits bias in algorithm for rightwing politicians and news outlets | Twitter

Share via Email Twitter has admitted it amplifies more tweets from rightwing politicians and news outlets than content from leftwing sources.

Latest Neural Nets Solve World’s Hardest Equations Faster Than Ever Before

Two new approaches allow deep neural networks to solve entire families of partial differential equations, making it easier to model complicated systems and to...

Top Deep Learning Algorithms

There are a lots of Deep Learning Algorithms that are used, but what are some of the best? Let’s take a look!!

Twitter’s own research shows that it’s a megaphone for the right. But it’s complicated.

Twitter shared its own research today that showed its algorithms amplify right-leaning political content more than left-leaning.

EETimes - BrainChip Launches Event-Domain AI Inference Dev Kits

BrainChip converts CNNs to spiking networks to reduce power and enable on-chip learning at the edge.

Well Log Data Outlier Detection With Machine Learning and Python

Identification of outliers is an essential step in the petrophysical machine learning workflow

I Used Facebook Without the Algorithm, and You Can Too

Making your News Feed chronological is an enlightening look at what's really happening on the platform.

GitHub - apple/ml-cvnets: CVNets: A library for training computer vision networks

CVNets: A library for training computer vision networks- GitHub- apple/ml-cvnets: CVNets: A library for training computer vision networks

Algorithms are biased. This tool shows kids just how dangerous they can be

The Most Likely Machine, created by design studio Artefact, aims to improve kids’ digital literacy. It’s a winner in the 2021 Innovation by Design...

100 Crore Vaccine in India: 100 crore shots in the arm; India's milestone in Covid vaccination | India News - Times of India

India News: India achieved a major milestone in its battle against Covid-19 as cumulative vaccinations in the country crossed the 100 crore mark on...

Mapping the NFT revolution: market trends, trade networks, and visual features - Scientific Reports

A visual representation of the trader network including the Art category on February 2021 shows the clusters formed by NFT traders specialized in the...

The future of operational analytics

A better way to make daily decisions is already here—just not at work.

Inference and the “Racial Drama” of AI

Bio Dr. Ramon Amaro s writing, research and practice emerge at the intersections of Black Study, psychopathology, digital culture, and the critique of computation...

Congress proposes lots of AI, whatever that means

A raft of proposed legislation in this Congress throws around the term"AI" without stating what that means.

Palantir's Peter Thiel thinks people should be concerned about surveillance AI

Tech billionaire Peter Thiel said this week that people should be more worried about"surveillance AI" than artificial general intelligences.