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Mapping the NFT revolution: market trends, trade networks, and visual features - Scientific Reports

A visual representation of the trader network including the Art category on February 2021 shows the clusters formed by NFT traders specialized in the...

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Steam is now banning all games that engage in cryptocurrency or NFT trading

Valve is now banning all games that feature cryptocurrency or NFT trading from its Steam storefront.

100 Crore Vaccine in India: 100 crore shots in the arm; India's milestone in Covid vaccination | India News - Times of India

India News: India achieved a major milestone in its battle against Covid-19 as cumulative vaccinations in the country crossed the 100 crore mark on...

Twitter’s own research shows that it’s a megaphone for the right. But it’s complicated.

Twitter shared its own research today that showed its algorithms amplify right-leaning political content more than left-leaning.

New Senate bill would take steps to protect AI-collected data

A new bipartisan Senate bill introduced Thursday is aiming to secure data collected by artificial intelligence technologies, such as facial recognition technologies, as these...

Listening to the Voice of Your Customer Using Natural Language Processing | LinkedIn

Listening to the voice of the customer and adapting to constructive feedback is essential to any business. Customers typically can voice their opinions through...

Palantir's Peter Thiel thinks people should be concerned about surveillance AI

Tech billionaire Peter Thiel said this week that people should be more worried about"surveillance AI" than artificial general intelligences.

WASP International Postdoctoral Scholarships - MIT Schwarzman College of Computing

Center for Deployable Machine Learning Statistics and Data Science Center Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems Applications are now open. The deadline to apply...


An open source machine learning framework that accelerates the path from research prototyping to production deployment.

Release 0.25.0 · facebookresearch/bitsandbytes

This release offers full support for all GPUs for Kepler(GTX 600) or better. It introduces skip_zeros which ensures correct optimizer updates for sparse gradients....

Self-Supervised Monocular Scene Decomposition and Depth Estimation

Self supervised monocular depth estimation approaches either ignore independently moving objects in the scene or need a separate segmentation step to identify them. We...

Predict #TidyTuesday giant pumpkin weights with workflowsets | Julia Silge

Get started with tidymodels workflowsets to handle and evaluate multiple preprocessing and modeling approaches simultaneously, using pumpkin competitions.

Accelerated Portfolio Construction with Numba and Dask in Python | NVIDIA Developer Blog

Learn the power of Numba and Dask in Python for high performance portfolio construction.

Safiya Noble Knew the Algorithm Was Oppressive

At the heart of the author and scholar’s work is the assertion that racism and sexism are baked into algorithms:“The world is becoming more...

Data - Parallel Meaning Bank

release date download 0.1.0 5438 0 0 0 yes 01 05 2018 19 MB ZIP file If you have used the data labelled with...

No Code Chatbot Platform | Free Chatbot Platform | WotNot

WotNot is the best no code chatbot platform to build AI bot easily without coding. Deploy bots and live chat on the Website, Messenger,...

Twitter's algorithm favours right-leaning politics - BBC News

The social-media giant has found tweets from parties on the political right are"amplified" more.